Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D

Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D
A view of the bar at an FKK club in Germany

Sunday, 15 January 2017

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What are FKK and sauna clubs?

Freik√∂rperkultur (FKK) is a German nudist movement dating back to the 18th century whose name translates to Free Body Culture. However FKK (nude) and sauna clubs are a distinct and much more recent phenomenon whereby both girls and guys pay entrance of typically between €40 and €90 to the club for the day with girls then either nude in a genuine FKK or in skimpy lingerie in a saunaclub, with men wearing a robe or towel. Clubs are open from around midday until early morning, usually latest on Fridays and Saturdays. Most clubs will allow you to leave and return on the same day. It's usually busiest in the evenings, especially at weekends when the smaller clubs can seem a bit overcrowded.

There's generally a set rate of around €50 for a standard 30 minute session of OWO and FS. Extras are then negotiable with the girl, with for example CIM costing around an additional €50 and backdoor an extra €100. Most of the girls are from Eastern Europe, especially Romania. This is all completely legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

FKK clubs vary widely in size, facilities, popularity and number of girls. In the bigger clubs, you can often find up to 100 girls at peak times. The facilities usually include safe/lockers, changing rooms, showers, lounge, bar, TV, bedrooms, porn cinema, sauna, massage therapists and buffet. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are generally included in the entry. You'll also often have access to a swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, steam room and an outdoor area in the bigger clubs. This photo should also give you an initial idea of what you can expect to see ...

FKK club girls
FKK club girls

Now that you've a basic idea what they are, next you'll probably want to check out exactly where you can find these clubs on this map of FKK and sauna clubs with reviews!

Reviews of FKK The Palace (Frankfurt)

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