Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D

Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D
A view of the bar at an FKK club in Germany

Sunday 15 January 2017

Saunaclub Golden Night report

NOTE: this is one of the very few "all-inclusive" or flat-rate clubs.

It was around 19:00 (7 pm) when I arrived on the parking lot. I was quite excited and walked over to the entrance. On the way I counted about 6 cars on the parking lot besides mine. Even though the building, which looked like a big (actually big), extended brick house, screamed "NIGHTCLUB", the front door gave the impression of a normal house. In order to get inside you had to ring the bell. I stepped forward and nervously pressed down the button. I looked through the milky window in the door and made out a hallway on the right and a staircase on the left. I figured it lead upstairs to the rooms in which you had sex. (I read about it on the website - 10 rooms with different themes and queensized beds) After a few seconds i made out a woman walking towards the door. She opened, greeted me and lead me into a room directly left to the front door. The room was some sort of reception seperated from the rest of club. While I told her what I wanted she was incredible friendly and asked me if it is my first time in the club. I replied with yes. Meanwhile i handed her over €100. The club has 4 different rates: You pay 100 Euro, go in, choose a girl and do whatever you want for one hour in ne of the rooms. Option two: Pay 60 Euro and have access to the club for 1 hour. It includes a locker, drinks, a bathrobe and all you manage to pull off with the girls in 1 hour. Option three: Pay 80 Euro for club access, a locker, bathrobe, drinks and girls for 3 hours. And last but not least the glorious fourth option: Pay 100 Euro and get everything listed in option 2 and 3 all day until you leave. I choose the day pass. After she received my money, she handed me a clean, white bathrobe, a towel and a key to a locker, which consisted of a bracelet. Everyone had theirs on their arm. She guided me down the hallway past the entrance to the club area. I got a short sneak peak and saw a few guys sitting at a bar wearing their bathrobes and many girls, all wearing dessous and some only with a top and no underwear at all. I followed my guide down the hallway and she told me where everything was. After having me declare to her that I have no further questions, she returned to the reception. I meanwhile stood there in front of the locker room and was incredibly excited but just so nervous. After hesitating for a few seconds I entered the locker room, which also lead to the showers on one side. I opened my locker, changed my clothes and started wondering if I was gonna keep on my boxershorts under the bathrobe. I decided to keep them on, but already got rid of them about 15 minutes later, since they were unneccessary and no one else seemed to wear them either. I stood in front of a mirror, fixing my hair when I heard a voice from the right. I turned arround and a girl was standing in the door. I was perplex and took a second look. She was completely naked. After overcoming my missfired autopilot I realized she asked me if I havent received slippers yet. I said yes and she asked me what size I am. My autopilot missfired again until I realized the meant size of my feet. I told her and she took a step back to get matching slippers. She looked at me in a sexy way when she handed them over, turned arround, fully aware of the fact that I was looking at her ass and visible part of her pussy when she walked away.

**edit1: next part** I stood there rooted to the floor for a few seconds until I put on my slippers and slowly started walking out of the lockercabin onto the hallway. The hallway had a 90 degree turn in it, on the end I stood was the door to the lockercabin and on the opposing side a mixed gender toilet. My nervousnes started to build up exponentially when I got close to the turn in the hallway that lead to the entrance of the club. My heart started beating faster and I stood still, roughly out of sight of the entrance on the hallway. I was so nervous that I started questioning if people are going to give me weird looks when I enter the club, but I eventually realized that all guests were just like me and not judging. After shutting down my inner monolog I said fuck it and walked straight in. I was overwhelmed and had no clue where to go. I figured I'd sit on one of the many couches and get an idea of what was going on. The club looked a lot like a traditional nightclub with a bar, some sort of dancefloor with strip poles and 2 seperated areas with lounges and places to sit. Also a circled Couch, which was the size of 3 regular mattresses and next to it a closed fireplace. On one side of the area was a mattress area halfway hidden behind a wall, which consisted of black, leather textured mattresses the size of 4 queensize beds together. After analyzing my envirement I started looking for what was going on in the club. I learned immediatly that guys hang out doing whatever in the lounges and girls walk arround sitting next to guys. They sit next to them like they were at home on their coach and skip the first few parts of getting to know each other. While doing smalltalk the girls often tease the guys and start cuddling and touching them. The darkness in the club made this easier and everyone seemed quite comfortable. After hanging out for some time, the girls stand up and lead their lovers to the staircase I mentioned earlier. They choose a key for one of the rooms and go upstairs with their guest. Just when I seemed to have figured it all out someone put their arms arround me from behind and asked to sit next to me.

**update 2: next part:** She climbed over the back of my couch and sat next to me, introducing herself while looking deep into my eyes. After I stumbled out my name we began smalltalking and I became more comfortable. She wondered if I had been in such club or with a girl like her before which I declined. We chuckled and she asked me how old I am, while laying both of her legs on mine and coming closer to me for the most part. Considering the other guests closeby I became sort of nervous which she noticed. She told me everyone minds his own business and all are here for the same reason which calmed me down. She then took my right hand in hers and lead it between her legs, while moving her other hand on the inner side of my left leg and slowly upwards under my bathrobe. (not wearing underpants at that point) I felt her gently feeling my dick and moved my hand deeper between her legs. She got up a bit and hugged me, while suddenly completely grabbing my dick. All of this went unnoticed by anyone else for the most part thanks to the darkness and her having her hand under my bathrobe. After loosening the hug she whispers in my ear to follow her. She gets up, tightly holds my right hand and pulls me after her in a requesting way. We move towards the stairs and she accquires us a key to one of the rooms. We quickly move upstair and enter a dark, almost mystirious hallway with doors in varying styles on the left and right. She walks upfront, still holding my hand tightly and opens our romanticly themed room. We both get inside and she immediatly pulls the knot on my bathrobe open, ripping it off my body. I perplexly stand completely naked in front of her and we let us fall on the huge bed which is completely covered with pillows. I continue to undress her underwear while she massages/scratches me until we both lay next half onto each other, fingering each other and almost making out. (The girls are forced to undergo medical tests on a monthly basis, so they are "clean" compared to the more common streat and regular bordell hookers) She goes down on me and sucks me with out a condom while I hold the back of her hair and massage her tits. I get incredible hard but am not finishing even after some time. She notices and asks me if I'd like to fuck her. I reply yes and she pulls out a condom from a bag next to the bed. She puts it in her mouth and attaches it with her mouth only to then lay on top of me. I am quite horny at that point and pull her closer to me. She sits on me and I put my dick up with my hand and push it inside of her. She starts fucking since she is on top and we exchance kisses on our necks. We both become horny and she starts moving faster. I in response start moving my hips up and down, countering her moves, making her moan. She stops moving for a second and we start completely making out. We kiss each other while she continues fucking me and become louder. I eventually finish inside of her, she kisses me with her tong and gets a few tissues from the side of the bed. After detaching the condom she cleans me and we start making out again. 20 minutes are almost over at this point and we slowly get up to dress up again. We then leave the room holding hands and move back downstairs. We both take a quick shower in the shower next to the lockercabins and make out while we do so. We then part ways and I hit the corridor again, entering the club a second time.

**Update 3: next part:** I forgot to mention earlier, that they have some sort of canteen upstairs, where you can eat for free. Since many requested it, this is her profile: As I enter the club I figure why not go for a drink and walk to the bar. I take a seat at the bar and one of the two barkeeper girls takes my order. She hands over my beer and I slowly drink it while hanging out at the bar seet between guests and a variety of girls. I start noticing how open all the guests are and start caring less about what others might think. A lot of guys openly receive blowjobs on a couch and some even wildly fuck in the middle of the club. I become fullfilled with horniness when I see a guy 2 seets next to me at the bar straight up being jacked off by a girl. At this point I feel like Im in a giant orgy. I did not know yet that there was going to be an orgy with all girls of the club later tonight. A Smoking hot girl entered the room and was obviously strolling arround looking for someone to sit next to. In case I forgot to mention, girls usually choose the guys they fuck.(everyone still gets approached every few minutes, no dramatic girl shortage) Just as the new, hot girl passes we look each other in the eyes and I smile to her. She takes the hint and walks towards me, sitting next to me. We introduce each other like the last time but this girl is way more wild. We were talking for a few minutes when she pulls up my bathrobe and starts jacking me off. I was slightly uncomfortable with people walking by seeing my dick until I realized once again that noone gives a fuck. In fact many walk arround with their bathrobe opened, literally having their dicks out all the time.

**Update 4: Just got up, going to start writing again:** The girl meanwhile got my dick hard and kissed me on the cheak a few times. She asked if I would like to go for a shot and we headed over to the bar, ordering 2 whiskey-colas. The waitresses behind the bar by the way were also only in their underwear. Was pretty neat. We joke arround and she ends up asking me to follow her upstairs. This time she accquires a key to a "Cesars Palace" themed room. It was in red, gold and black with mirrors all over the place and also very dark. As we enter and close the door, she pushes me on the bad climbing on me, while we still wear our clothing. We start ripping each others clothing off and she starts kissing my neck, slowly moving downwards while kissing me all over the place. By the time she made it to my dick she immediately started sucking it and had me push her head up and down. We changed our position after a few minutes and moved further to the middle of the bed. She told me she'd need to put on a condom if I wanted to finish inside of her mouth. She then said I could aswell cum on her body if I take care. I told her I'd love to and she kept sucking my dick for a few minutes. I told her Im about to cum and she moved her body above me, finishing me with her hands. I blew a huge load on her tits and belly, which she slowly touched and rubbed with her hands. She then proceeded to get tissues from the side of the bed and cleaned herself. We moved on to a cuddling position, but she was not gonna kiss me like the first girl. She proceeded to jack me off again and whispered in my she'd fuck me now. I was sitting upwards with my back against a bunch of pillows and she climbed on me, directly facing me. She was smoking hot and I was incredibly horny. With her left hand she inserted my dick after adjusting a condom and fucked me while we scratched each others backs. She asked to change positions after a few minutes since she became tired from being on top. I moved towards her, about to fuck her in doggy style. While slowly pushing in my dick I gave her a heavy ass slap and she immediatly moaned. I then hold her butt tightly and fucked her, become faster and faster. She became so loud that it was guaranteed you could hear her all over the hallway, which made me even hornier. Knowing that these kind of girls often fake these moans I was almost in shock when she actually orgasmed and broke down in front of me. After hesitating and loud breathing she turned arround and finished me with her mouth. We cuddled for 5 more minutes and ended up making out/ kissing even though she said she wont do so earlier. By that time our 20 minutes are due for some time and we quickly move back downstars. We both hit the mixed gender bathroom and I took a piss in a Pissour. She approached me from behind and hold my dick for me when I took a piss. We then parted ways and I took a shower before returning to the club. When I entered the club I widened my eyes. Shit was going on. This is her btw:

Tuesday 10 January 2017

FKK GoldenTime, Living Room, Sharks reports

First FKK club is Golden Time located in Bruggen, where I spent 2 days at. The same owner also operates another FKK club called the Living Room, it is nearby within 25min driving distance. We booked a cheap hotel in between the 2 FKK clubs to be convenient. Since both clubs are the same owner, you can get a discount of €25 if you are in one of the club and decide to go to the other one. Golden Time is decent size, it feels like a country club setting to me, with clean facility to use. Parking lot is decent size (holds about 40+ cars), with additional street parking. They have a great outdoor area (seats with fireplace and chairs), but obviously it's winter time now, we couldnt take advantage of them. Staff are mostly friendly and the crowd is very international, you will see Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), British, American and then mixture of locals, even from neighboring countries (I met a cool Holland who's been a regular for 6 years at GT) because the location is near the border. Food is decent, and the kitchen and eating area is located outside in a tent with heating and plenty of space to eat. Be warn that smoking is allowed inside, and most of the girls smoke, and if you are bothered by this, it's something to keep in mind. Some Girls do come up to you, but most of the time they make eye contacts and leave you alone. The club closes at 1AM, and crowd start thinning out about 11ish PM, some girls that did well enough for the day might even leave early, so make sure you talk to them before they are gone. The line up of the girls are very nice, usually 30 to 40+ (from the 2 nights that I was there) they are slightly older than the other FKK clubs (this was said by one of my friends who has been coming to FKK clubs for 6+ years), when I say old, I dont mean 35+, they are just mid 20s to late 20s, but most of them very pretty and definitely knows how to make themselves look good (I'd rate them mostly 8s, with few 9s). Many able to converse in ok to good english, I had a great time with few beautiful Romanian girls, a blonde girl named Kim especially I liked, because she was great in the room, able to hold a conversation, joke with u and made me super comfortable. She even remembered me the next night, gave me a hug when I was leaving the second day and wished my friends and I a happy holiday. A real sweetheart. Another girl is Christina (or Kristina), raven hair hottie, reminds of a Megan Fox type with a slightly darker complexion. A perfect body (probably the best from the lineup) Romanian girl, she is a bit stand-offish when she's just hanging outside, but once in the room she showed the best smile and, the hour session with her was great (got a room full of mirrors that I was able enjoy multiple angles of her great body).

The next FKK club is Living Room, which I mentioned earlier is within 25min driving distance from FKK Golden Time. At first I was surprised at how small the place looked from outside, but after going inside, it's not so bad. It's definitely smaller than Golden Time, but I think they did the best they could with the space they have. The main area is pretty much the first floor of the converted house living room area (maybe that's how the name came about), all gutted out with a decent size bar right in the middle. Enough seating around the area and definitely looks inviting and comfortable with normal lighting atmosphere compared to Golden Time, which is a bit darker in the areas where the girls hang out. Living Room's food is better than Golden Time IMO, at midnight they serve pizzas (limited quantity) and those are pretty good to replenish yourself (the club opens until 4AM, I highly recommend you grab some to keep yourself from hunger if planning to stay late). The girls here are much younger compare to GT (most are 19 to 21ish, with some mid 20s). But there are some out of shape girls who are very annoying and will try to come up to u multiple times, so be warned. The younger ones are fun, you will find quite a few of the girl next door type (sweet, innocent with glasses) to some high energy ones that will dance to the DJ's music. The crowd is also international, you do see many Japanese because there are few Japanese manufacture offices near the area. I saw quite a few girls here, Most sessions were good but I had one bad incident with a Hungarian girl named Rose (she's looks like Mila Kunis). Anka is a real cute girl next door type with black frame glasses, kind of remind me a of Emma Stone (nice body and very sweet smile). I've had the best GFE sessions here, all with really great kissing and the girls looking into your eyes. My fav girl from here really made me feel like the clock was turned back and you are having great sex with your college girlfriend. I think I spent about 6 hours with this girl between 2 days, not counting the time she spent chatting and having a drink or two with me in the lounge area. Again, your mileage may vary, but I got to know some of the girls, and was able to talk about some other random stuff to help break the awkwardness and really help set up the mood when you decide to go into the room with them.

After 4 days between Golden Time and Living Room, we headed toward's the Frankfurt direction and according to my other friends, the main event at FKK Sharks. I will be honest, I had such a great GFE sessions at FKK Living Room (really clicked with one of the girl), I really would have preferred to stay one more night. But my other friends raved so much about FKK Sharks, I had to see for myself. The trip to get to FKK from the other 2 clubs is about 2 to 3 hours drive on highway (super easy with car + GPS), we checked into a nearby cheap hotel and then go to the club in the late afternoon. The first impression is how BIG the FKK Sharks is. It's like a huge storage warehouse size building converted into a club. There must have been 80+ girls when we arrived, all naked (unlike GT and LR, where the girls have sexy lingerie on) so there's nothing to hide. Just from a sheer volume perspective, there's something for everyone. Since we are here for Fri and Sat, the amount of the girls could be around 100 to 150 through the night (they have different shifts, some come in late, some leave early if they come in early in the afternoon). Crowd is very international, younger (mostly late 20s to late 30s, less of the 50+ older gentlemen type found in GT or LR), and you do see more attitudes from the crowd, especially some with pretty buff body and even some gangster looking guys (I was told these guys are mostly Turks, some are pimps of the girls that work there). The facility is much nicer compared to FKK GT and LR, there's sports room area where you can eat and watch sports, a steam room, 2 separate showers, and a upstairs area they have lounge chair out that you can actually take a nap if you want. Music is more up to date and have a great sound system, and there's a pole dancing area where 3 to 4 girls will dance few times through out the night. The lineup of the girls are nice, but I feel like most are 7's but some are definite 9s and 10s, and those girls are very busy, u will see they have constant clients talking to them. IF I have to break down the ratio, 60% of the girls are rated 7's, 30% are rated 8's and 10% rated 9/10. First night a the club was a little tough for me, while there are huge selection of girls, I was still thinking of the girls from LR, maybe even grew attached to one as we exchanged mobile number and texted each other (even after I returned to USA, probably a rookie mistake). After few hours of just chilling, getting some food, use the steam room, etc., I had two separate hour long sessions with 2 different girls (I'd rate both as 8's) and the sessions were good (again, I was still thinking about the other girl from LR, lol). The price is a bit higher for extras in this area (50 euro or more for stuff like anal/golden shower etc, some even will try to upsell GFE intimate kissing), but there are more girls do the extras compare to FKK Golden Time and LR. So depends on what your preference is, that's something to consider. Food is good, they serve them until 2 or 3AM (club closes at 5AM on Fri and Sat, I think). Alcohol drinks are not free, so you will be charged for those and these can add up if you drink quite a few through out night. One great thing about the Sharks is you will see small groups of girls that are friends with each other, and those are the girls to best choose your threesomes. Girls knowing each other really help with the chemistry in the room, in fact most will know what each other does and you get the best threesome sessions. I dont have any particular names to recommend, just because they are so many good ones, and the hot ones are literally jaw-dropping gorgeous. If I have to name one, a girl I had decent GFE session with is Dora, tall blonde Russian girl, very sweet and have a nice set of fun bags that are natural. 2nd night here is also the last night that I will be in Germany, so I decided to push myself make the most out of it. I had 4, one hour session with different girls, one looked barely legal, not much English and she was crazy into PSE style of session. I did few extras with her and she took them like a champ. I ended my night with Dora again, because GFE is just more of my preference, and able to converse and chat a little is important to me.

This trip is definitely life-changing event for me, and I find myself in a surreal state of mind even weeks after I returned from the trip. Will I plan to do more of these trips? Hell fucking yea, and recommend all to try at least once. From a value stand point, nothing beats it (if you are into european girls, as I have not been to Thailand or Philippines and have minimum interest for Asian girls). I simply cant see escorts in NYC any more, it's just not the same. For $300 to $500 hourly rate, I get to see 3 to 5 girls over there. Yes, you will need a plane ticket + hotel expenses, but also have more variety and options. Another detail that I left out is at these FKK clubs, you can literally stay there for the whole day from opening until closing, you dont have to rush through sessions at these clubs. My recovery time between sessions tend to be long, but this is really helpful, imo. You will also learn a lot about yourself when it comes to sex, what you assume you like or dislike, you just might find out differently after the trip. Before the trip, i was always thinking sex with escorts or working girls to be PSE in order to have the best time, but the GFE sessions I've had at FKK Living Room changed my perspective. I hope my experience will help some of you on the fence in trying out FKK clubs in Germany, but I assure you it's one experience you will not regret. Feel free to ask some questions, I will answer the best that I can. I left out some important notes on the cost of entry and session with girls so here it goes: FKK GT or LR: 60 euro grants admission the whole day (food + beer) half an hour session 50 euro, extras range from 25 to 50 euro FKK Sharks: 65 euro grants admission the whole day (food + none alcoholic drinks) half an hour session 50 euro, extras range from 50 euro to 100 euro (many of girls here do it all).