Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D

Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D
A view of the bar at an FKK club in Germany

Wednesday 13 June 2018

FKK Goldentime video: The 50 Girls Photo Shoot

Dreamgirls at FKK Sexy Sauna in Prague

What are FKK and sauna clubs?

Freik√∂rperkultur (FKK) is a German nudist movement dating back to the 18th century whose name translates to Free Body Culture, however FKK (nude) and sauna clubs are a distinct and much more recent phenomenon. Everyone pays entrance of typically between €40 and €90 to the club for the day, with girls then either nude in a genuine FKK or in skimpy lingerie in a saunaclub and the guys wearing a robe or towel. Some clubs are happy to accept couples and/or host events for swingers. Throw regular live performances by well-known pornstars into the mix and there should be something to appeal to everyone looking for some adult fun and relaxation in a luxurious setting!

FKK clubs vary widely in size, facilities and popularity. The facilities usually include safe/lockers, changing rooms, showers, lounge, bar, TV, bedrooms, porn cinema, sauna, massage therapists and buffet. Food and non-alcoholic drinks are generally included in the entry. You'll also often have access to a swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, steam room and an outdoor area in the bigger clubs. Clubs are open from around midday until early morning, usually latest on Fridays and Saturdays. Most clubs will allow you to leave and return on the same day. It's usually busiest in the evenings, especially at weekends when the smaller clubs can seem a bit overcrowded.

In the bigger clubs, you can often find up to 100 girls at peak times and for those interested in spending some time with them, there's generally a set rate of around €50 for a standard 30 minute session of OWO and FS. Extras are then usually negotiable with the girl, with for example CIM costing around an additional €50 and backdoor an extra €100. Most of the girls are from Eastern Europe, especially Romania. This is all completely legal in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Top pornstars and adult models such as Valentina Nappi, Aletta Ocean, Salma de Nora and Laureen Pink are also regular visitors to FKKs where they perform live shows at parties organised by many clubs.

This photo should also give you an initial idea of what you can expect to see ...

FKK club girls
FKK club girls

Reviews of FKK Globe (Zurich)

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Wednesday 10 January 2018

FKK Sharks tips

In general, you should expect BBJ and CFS for 30 min at 50E and a more GFE with almost 100% of the girls adding kissing/DFK/body kissing and DATY for 1 hr at 100E. CIM is 50E extra (some girls swallow, if they do, it should be part of CIM and not an extra). Anal is 100E extra. Though it's been more challenging since the July 1, 2017 law that passed in Germany that makes it illegal for prostitutes to have sex without a condom (including BJ), at Sharks most of the girls are willing to do BBJ at 50E (I would guess at least 90+%, in my recent trip all of my sessions were BBJ). There are some girls who either insist on CBJ or try to use it as an upsell to BBJ, particularly new ones or ones from other clubs that are currently more strict about the law (Mainhatten in Frankfurt proper is notorious for only allowing CBJ, even at higher prices, which is a shame because it used to be such a good club). Just be adamant in your screening that you won't be upsold to go from CBJ to BBJ. In fact, kissing / GFE is the key factor that the girls use to upsell from a 50E session to a 100E session, not CBJ vs BBJ. In the past, it was accepted that kissing (though maybe lighter on the DFK) was part of the 50E. However, this is now not the default. There are quite a few girls who will still offer it at 50E, but there are many who will require you to upgrade to a 1 hr / 100E session to get this. Never pay 50E extra to kiss in a 30 min session. There are two groups in particular, the girls who sit near the stripper pole and the girls near the fish tank, who are notorious for insisting on 1 hr/100E for kissing. It's a shame, since there's quite a few stunners in those groups. However, there are still plenty of attractive girls that offer kissing at the base 50E, you just have to look for them. The two Ava Taylor look-a-likes sound like Betty and Melanie. Betty is the more famous one at Sharks. She tends to sit near the fish tank. Unfortunately, as I believe OP found out, she is not a great provider, at least at the 50E price. I haven't sessioned with her because of this, but its been substantiated multiple times. She likes to complain about money. There have been reports that she is a good fuck at higher prices, but what's the point of that, haha. Melanie also has bad reviews. My suggestion, if you have the time and money, is visit for at least 4 days to a week to truly get the whole FKK experience. If you're able to, try for 2-3 sessions a day. Go for the whole day. Repeat with your favorites. Be willing to do 1 hr+ sessions, particularly for your first couple. Even if you plan to do a whole lot of 50E sessions, because the girls talk, they will quickly find out if you're a cheapskate (from their perspective, I'm all for maximizing your value and getting a good deal with the girls). Talk with all the girls to see what services they offer and to find out their names to be able to match them with good reviews from places like ISG. In all honesty, I think FKKs are the best place for mongering (I admittedly have a preference for Eastern European women). There are several dozen to a hundred plus naked girls (save for the weekly lingerie day, which is Tuesday for Sharks) in a nice club environment. There is complementary food and soft drinks as part of the entry price (with some clubs including beer in the entry price). There are saunas, jacuzzis, pools, and recliners. Though there is turnover, enough girls stay at the clubs long enough for them to develop reviews you can read. In addition, since you can't always rely on online reviews (there's currently a discussion on the Sharks ISG thread about this, haha), you get to sit down and talk with the girls beforehand to see if you get a good vibe.