Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D

Click your favorite girl for an introduction to FKK and saunaclubs! :D
A view of the bar at an FKK club in Germany

Sunday 26 June 2016

Why did German goddess and regular FKK guest Lullu Gun get into porn??

They say that "a picture paints a thousand words", so what words does this picture of porn princess Lullu Gun bring to your mind? ;D

Lullu Gun
Lullu Gun

The lovely Lullu is a regular visitor to FKK and sauna clubs having appeared at the likes of FKK Feigenblatt, FKK Sakura and also Paradise in recent times.

Lullu Gun at FKK ParadiseLullu Gun at FKK Feigenblatt

Lullu Gun at FKK Sakura

She seems to have had lots of fun too going by these photos of her in action at FKK Villa and FKK Feigenblatt!

Lullu Gun at FKK VillaLullu Gun at FKK Feigenblatt

But why did she get into porn in the first place anyway?? Interestingly there was a story (in German) in the Berliner Kurier a little while back that answered this question. So basically Lullu's real name is Janina and she was originally a hairdresser from Duisburg. According to this story, her mother, Michaela, fought cervical cancer for years but after it metastasized and the money began to run out, it looked like the battle was lost. In December 2014 doctors gave Michaela a life expectancy of only six months after a combination of surgery and chemotherapy failed to remove the malignancies.

The only remaining option was Avastin, but unfortunately this drug would be seriously expensive as it wasn't fully approved in Germany. The family did what they could but they had begun to run out of options. According to the story, assisting with the money to help pay for treatment for her mother was the decisive point in Lullu's decision to start fucking on camera. This began in 2014 and initially she didn't tell her mother where the cash was coming from. When she found out, although like most mothers she'd have preferred a different job for her daughter, she nevertheless fully supported her decision, and so Lullu's career in porn began in Berlin.

Sunday 5 June 2016

Jenna expects to return to FKK Artemis in August 2016!

So probably the best-known of the girls at FKK Artemis in Berlin is Jenna and I'm sure those of you who've encountered her will agree there's two very big reasons for this ...

Jenna from FKK Artemis
Jenna from FKK Artemis
Unfortunately Jenna hasn't been seen at Artemis for months as she recovers from an issue with her boob, but the good news for her many fans is she confirmed on Twitter (@JennaNova) that she now expects to return in August!
At least she avoided the police raid I guess. For anyone who's struggling to remain patient, here's a little bit more Jenna for you ...

Jenna and FKK Artemis at Venus 2015
Jenna and FKK Artemis at Venus Berlin 2015
And now here's a bunch of reviews of FKK Artemis to give you an idea what it's like!